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Event space

Starting at 5.000.000 VND, our event space is an ideal place to host your product launch, marketing events or training sections for up to 150 people.

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Smart office

Enjoy the virtual office package, with business address, mail handling, plus 1 day use per month of a flexible seat and 2h/month to use meeting rooms

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Serviced office

All studios are fully furnished and include air conditioning, personal desks, chairs, and lockers. You’ll enjoy own privacy while getting access to plenty of opportunities for collaboration a.

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Coworking space

Inspirational workspace with a wide variety range of services catering to your needs, including: 1 day pass, 5 days pass, flexible desks and fixed desk

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  • Inspirational workspace

    A combination of inspiring workspace, community and professional business services to foster creativity, collaboration.

  • Excellent amenities

    High speed Internet with modern facilities, utility space integration, self-serviced facilities, brainstorming room, game room...

  • Best location

    Located in the heart of Danang with walking distances to restaurants, coffee shops, bars… with amazing local delicacies, excellent coffee

  • Vibrant community

    Local business communities for market access and talent hunts, including startups, local SMEs, local- based foreign owned subsidiaries…as well as nomads and freelancers.

  • Network

    SURFSPACE partners with forward-thinking organizations to build lasting relationships with regional and international co-working members.

  • Services and supports

    SURFSPACE is a one-stop-shop for business with diversifies services including market access consulting, co-working academy, event management and more.


A new brand co-working space about startup and creative innovation in Da Nang

A new brand co-working space about startup and creative innovation in Da Nang

On October 1, 2018, Da Nang Entrepreneurship Support (DNES) held the grand opening ceremony of the second co-working space named SURFSPACE which is...

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  • Trịnh Hồng

    Trịnh Hồng

    CEO Minh Hồng

    "The support DNES team has given us is indescribably valuable. We feel well taken care of by the big DNES family"

  • Đức Nguyễn

    Đức Nguyễn

    CEO Hekate

    "DNES team was very dedicated in helping us sharpen our business ideas through workshops and coaching. We feel proud to be part of the DNES alumni"

  • Thống Tuấn

    Thống Tuấn

    CEO Zody

    "DNES helped us become investment-ready and reach out to investors for a successful fundraising round."

  • Khoa Phan

    Khoa Phan


    một không gian tuyệt vời để làm việc, thật tuyệt vời!

  • Quốc Khải Phạm

    Quốc Khải Phạm

    IT Freelancer

    Không gian đẹp thân thiện, hiện đại, cảm giác thoải mái, rất tạo cảm giác hứng thú khi làm việc. Có thể thêm nhạc nhẹ thư giãn :))

  • Kwang Hoon Lim

    Kwang Hoon Lim

    General Manager at KB 국민은행

    I can feel passion for a Innovation hub there. Nice location and good facility!

  • Coworker reviews

    Coworker reviews

    Our customer reviews from

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