Thỏa sức sáng tạo cùng SURFSPACE

Bạn cần một không gian làm việc sáng tạo? SURFSPACE sẽ giúp bạn thực hiện điều đó! SURFSPACE Thái Phiên là không gian làm việc chung thứ hai do Vườn ươm doanh nghiệp Đà Nẵng (DNES) quản lý và vận hành. Toạ lạc tại tầng 2, toà nhà số 35 Thái Phiên, Đà Nẵng với … Continued

Free Coworking Day: Every first Thursday of the month

SURFSPACE is pleased to be a part of 71 Co-working space in the community. We are excited to present to you a FREE coworking day as the FIRST THURSDAY of the month, per the location mentioned in the poster Come and experience what is co-working all about! Bring your laptop and start working. If you … Continued

Vietnamese Coworking Association Member Exchange Program

🌟🌟🌟 Fantastic! Enjoy a day free to working and relaxing at 5 coworking space partners of Surfspace, Why not? The Vietnamese Coworking Association – VCA is excited to introduce the Member Exchange program for monthly memberships at our participating hubs. With monthly memberships at Surfspace, now you can also get 1 free days each month working … Continued

Startups in Vietnam: Danang’s Innovation Hub By The Sea

Danang may be Vietnam’s fourth largest city but its progress and prospects—and let’s not forget its beautiful beaches—are attracting startup and investor attention. The city has topped the Vietnam Information and Communications Technology applications and development readiness ranking for the 9th consecutive year, and the city led the Provincial Competitive Index ranking from 2013 to 2016. This, combined … Continued

For your information: Events in June and July 2017

Conference – LEGAL ISSUES FOR STARTUP When running a business, most entrepreneurs only focus on market researching or product developing then forget one thing: if they want to have stable steps without risks, especially the ability to call for investment, then understanding the laws is essential. In respond to this, Danang Business Incubator together with … Continued

Danang is actively ‘surfing’, being a ‘hot’ startup place

In the first 5 months, the activities of Da Nang Business Incubator marked a change in local entrepreneurial mind and thinking, which promises many exciting and meaningful events to come.   From the overview … The first five months of 2017 saw the change in business start-ups. There has been an increase in the substantive … Continued