You are a digital nomad who is struggling to find a good place to work in Danang city? You think that coffee shops are not suitable for silent contemplation, your rented apartment doesn’t have a stable Internet and makes you feel isolated? Don’t worry! SURFSPACE can blow your mind with an inspiring and efficient coworking space. Let’s explore the top 07 reasons why SURFSPACE is a perfect coworking space for digital nomads in Danang city


1. Prime location in Danang with vertical integration of coworking space and supplementary services

Location is one of the first things for digital nomads to consider when selecting a coworking space in Danang. Being able to save on time and cost of commuting is not only beneficial for you but also for your clients. SURFSPACE understands those real needs, so we have chosen a spot in the heart of Danang City – a perfect choice for you.

We also know how important coffee and food are to fuel you throughout the day. You will be pleased to find good cafes and restaurants within a 200-meter radius. Oh, did we mention that SURFSPACE is located in the same building as a gym and a bar?! You do not have to travel far to keep your body healthy and balanced after a long day of work. Just pop upstairs to MMA – a fighter club and gym center. Get a complimentary voucher from SURFSPACE to try out Muaythai at MMA (details at the end of the article).

After working out at MMA, head out to next-door restaurants like Edo Sushi or Thai Market, and then unwind with beers and live music at On the Radio on the first floor of SURFSPACE’s building, or Bamboo Bar just a block away. The vertical and horizontal integration of our coworking space and supplementary services will make your day a perfect combination of work and leisure.

best location coworking space in Danang

If you’re in love with Danang’s beautiful beach, you would be elated to know that it just takes 15 mins by motorbike from SURFSPACE to the beach. Did you know that Forbes voted My Khe beach in Da Nang as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet? Come to the reception desk and talk to our staff if you want to rent a motorbike and it will be delivered to SURFSPACE. SURFSPACE’s proximity to lots of interesting places in Danang city means that all your concerns about the location are resolved.

Check out our beach here


2. High speed and reliable Internet catered to your most important need: 

If you’re one of the millions of people working in a remote job or pursuing a career as a digital nomad, then internet speed is an important factors in your choice of coworking spaces in South East Asia. SURFSPACE’s Internet system uses high-speed Internet access with two of Vietnam’s leading network providers. If an international path is bitten by a shark (which happens once a year), it will automatically move to the other path to help our internet system stays stable.

With the bandwidth of over 200Mbps domestically and international bandwidth of over 7Mbps, our internet system will be sure to meet all needs of remote workers whose work depends heavily on the Internet. Moreover, with our intelligent wifi system, the devices will be self-roamed so you won’t lose connections while moving to different places in SURFSPACE  area.

3. As an incubator backed- coworking space, you can get access to Danang entrepreneur ecosystem daily at SURFSPACE

According to many digital nomads, the community is the paramount condition that can attract them to join a coworking space. A coworking community will bring you relationships with new investors, partners, customers who can share similar values, thoughts, or challenges.

Managed by the largest business incubator in Danang- DNES with a diverse local and international network of prestigious partners (ranging from Amazon Web Services to Thai Market restaurant chain), there are invaluable business and network opportunities at your disposal. When coming to SURFSPACE, you will have many opportunities to connect with local entrepreneurs and tech community. Moreover, you will receive support from the overseas educated staff and community leaders to accelerate your business success. Don’t hesitate to talk to our well-traveled Community Manager, Jennie. Having been accommodating remote workers in her Airbnb for 4 years, she is here to connect you with the SURFSPACE community.

best coworking space in Danang for digital nomads

Moreover, in order to foster a culture of open communication among coworkers, SURFSPACE usually celebrates many wonderful activities such as Happy Hour, monthly common lunch break, and high quality and curated events supporting remote work, entrepreneurship, etc. Therefore, if you want to build a wide network with amazing people at workplace, let’s come to SURFSPACE.

Check out our Human of SURFSPACE blogposts to see who you can connect with at SURFSPACE

For more information about our ecosystem, check out this article: Innovation Hub by the sea

4. Creative decoration to boost your ideation process:

Do you think the nice decoration of workspace can maximize your productivity? The answer is absolute YES. Born with a mission to ignite creativity within individuals, each corner at SURFSPACE is decorated in a meticulous and unique way. Open coworking area with natural light and green plants create vibrancy in the space to push your productivity to new levels. SURFSPACE believes that as a digital nomad, you will feel more eager to get things done with our creative design.

best coworking space in Danang for digital nomads

best coworking space in Danang for digital nomads

5. Great ambiance coworking space with the most modern facilities in Da Nang:

Another reason why SURFSPACE is the perfect choice for digital nomads is great ambiance we provide. You will definitely feel the friendly and cheerful atmosphere from the first time you set foot in SURFSPACE. SURFSPACE not only gives you “lived-in” vibes, but also still maintains professionalism and tranquility to help you stay focused at work. Why don’t you come to SURFSPACE to experience this wonderful ambiance?

Furthermore, SURFSPACE provides lots of modern facilities such as good air conditioning & lighting system, comfy chairs, and lockers, etc. Especially, SURFSPACE also has a standing desk area for customers with back pain because of sitting too much. Is it cool? SURFSPACE facilities also include a paddling area for networking and brainstorming, an interesting game room, and a convenient pantry area with microwave to help you prepare your meals.

6. Longest opening hours in town to provide flexibility? Checked ✅

Digital nomads’ jobs are always full of flexibility, so the opening time of a coworking space is also important for them. Working remotely while your customers are living in areas with different time-zone forces you to work late in the evenings. Don’t worry! We have you covered: SURFSPACE is a coworking space having the latest opening hours in town, till 9:30 pm. Feel free to bring your laptop and enjoy your work any time you like. After 9:30 p.m? We are afraid it is beer o’clock ;). You should head downstairs with other coworkers for a drink and relax at On the radio instead.

best coworking space in Danang with community for remote workers

7. Best quality for price with various additional perks:

Last but not least, as a digital nomad, perks sometimes are not deal-breakers to choose a coworking space, but it can help them determine the most suitable one to work between two or more available options. Therefore, SURFSPACE offers numerous additional perks to welcome all digital nomads around the world to Danang city, such as unlimited free tea and coffee, free bike parking fee, etc. Besides, when purchasing any service packages at SURFSPACE, you will receive a free 05-day training VOUCHER from MMA gym center. You will also get complimentary vouchers for our Member exchange program to work at other 5 coworking spaces in our Vietnamese Coworking Association for one free day/coworking space/month.

affordable coworking space in Danang Special: SURFSPACE also provides a deal of 20% DISCOUNT applied to monthly pass for first-time digital nomad at SURFSPACE. Don’t forget that SURFSPACE is also part of a network of 80 coworking spaces in Asia- Pacific that celebrate Free Coworking Day. Let’s come check out our space for 1 free trial day every first Thursday of the month. We also organize Happy Hours on the same day for our members to meet and mingle.

best coworking space in Danang with community for remote workers

If you are looking for a great coworking space in Danang city, look no further than SURFSPACE. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ALL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SERVICES:


P/s: Especially, We are running a SPECIAL PROMOTION: 20% DISCOUNT for digital nomads, applied to first time users of monthly services (hot seat, fixed seat). All you need to do is sharing this article (public) on social media and tag your fellow nomad friends!

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by Nhi Nhi

21 August 2019