Chris White came to SURFSPACE to rent a meeting room for his video in July. During the filming of his video, he wore a white rabbit mask and suit without any shoes on his feet. Being very curious about this seem-to-be-interesting member, Jennie, our community manager asked him about his story. He took us by surprise about his experience of the two opposite worlds: rational and spiritual, and his story of giving up the rich life to travel around the world to challenge himself.


Chris White is a Rational-Spiritual Bridge Builder and also a Consciousness Coach. He was raised in a privileged family with access to a private course on Startup Thinking by billionaire Peter Thiel. Together with his education background and experience working for the most successful restaurant chain in Germany, he started his first startup and won several prizes and funding. In his early twenties, he spent driving in a $150,000 sports car and living in a penthouse.

“However, I wasn’t happy! It didn’t fulfill me. I felt that something was missing” he said. He realized he couldn’t attain his highest self with the material side only.

 To become the best representation of himself, he realized that he needs to develop holistically, both material and spiritual. Hence, he sold everything he had and started to venture into the other extreme of spirituality. After attending countless seminars, he became a breathwork facilitator. Then he founded the Master of love and life program, as part of it, he started doing one-month awakening challenges all over the world to learn from the best spiritual masters. Last year alone, he traveled 2,5 times around the whole world and did 11 one month awakening challenges. He lived with monks in Thailand, did a Harvard online course in Buddhism, lived with the Maasai tribe in the African Savanna and got initiated into their tribe. He also learned from the world’s greatest Qigong & Kung-fu Masters in China & Thailand, went into the remotest Amazonian rainforest and learned from Shamans there. To understand more about human beings, he conducted a social experiment for one month living on the streets in Germany as a homeless person. These were just 6 out of 11 awakening experiments last year only.

His time at the Kumbh Mela Festival – The biggest Gathering of Humans in the world. He spent months living together with Shamans (Source:
One of Chris’s 11 one-month challenges: living on the streets without money for one month in Germany (Source:


He realized it’s not about choosing between the rational & the spiritual, it’s about balancing the two. Ever since he is a rational spiritual bridge builder helping other people to balance their two superpowers too.

In his journey to conquer challenges in Vietnam, he chose SURFSPACE as a stopover and rented a video room for his lecture. In some ways, you will see this special and mysterious SURFSPACE guest with a black suit with a rabbit mask on his face.

Chris owns a huge fan on Instagram with over 8,000 followers, check out his unique stories:

If you are curious about creating a balance between spiritual and material life, check out his youtube free course:

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by Nhi Nhi

20 August 2019