Tan Shen Hui (Shen) is a Singaporean Co-Founder at merchandise.blue – a company designs merchandise, using a blend of sustainable fabrics, and produces them at responsible partner facilities. The biggest goal that Shen and her team want to accomplish through this environmental project is to ensure the long-term well-being of the planet and for all of us living on it.


The idea of their project got inspiration from a trade show in Germany, when they realized that many companies and organizations advocating environmental conservation and preservation were not walking the talk. They were still wearing and selling merchandise made of unsustainable materials and under unknown conditions. Therefore, Shen and other co-founders made a decision to establish merchandise.blue with the aim of changing the alarming issue about the unsustainability of global fashion industry. In fact, the apparel industry alone accounts for 6.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and its impact on climate change will continue to rise if a business-as-usual scenario prevail. More than 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions come from three stages – fibre production, yarn preparation and dyeing & finishing.


At merchandise.blue, they are committed to offering companies, organizations and institutions alternative textile merchandise that are made sustainably and fairly such as corporate wear and uniforms, towels, bathrobes and bedding accessories for hotels and spas. Some of the environmentally progressive fabrics carefully selected and used in their products are organic cotton, recycled polyester, or seaweed, etc.  While their company is currently headquartered in Germany, they hope to spread awareness about the better approach to merchandising to Asia and do their part in safeguarding our planet.


Photo story: “The bracelet tied around the shark soft toy is made of a ghost net recovered from the sea. On top of using the retrieved fishing nets to make bracelets, the recovered fishing nets can be recycled into nylon yarn. This is one of the materials that we use to produce sustainable merchandise for our clients and save the sharks.”


“We also work closely with our clients to propose materials that make most sense for their story and branding. Research shows that 38% of consumers report actively switching from their preferred brand to another because it credibly stands for positive environmental and/or social practices. More than 50% of consumers plan to switch brands in the future if another brand acts more environmentally and socially friendly than their preferred one. The question is no longer whether it is necessary to improve sustainable business practices, but rather how long it will take before consumers stop buying from brands that do not act responsibly.”, Shen added.

According to Shen, it is so lucky for her to cooperate with two fantastic co-founders – Nikolaus Sandizell, a marine archaeologist who has been active in ocean preservation for decades, and Kate Ellis,  a veteran fashion designer with over 20 years of experience under her belt and an encyclopedia for them in sustainable fabrics and finishings. Also, Shen said she definitely enjoys what she is doing – designing and consulting – with a purpose. 


Merchandise.blue’s T-shirt 


During the time Shen comes to Vietnam, she chose SURFSPACE to enjoy her work. Because her friends highly recommended SURFSPACE to her,  she decided to head straight for Surfspace without checking out other places. Moreover, at SURFSPACE, she would love to connect with all who also believe in social and environmental responsibilities in lives and business, and open to partnerships and collaborations.


Website of merchandise.blue for those who feel interested: https://www.merchandise.blue/


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by Nhi Nhi

15 August 2019